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The Daily Nutrition for the Skin by Colbert M.D.& 25% Off

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The Daily Nutrition for the Skin by Colbert M.D.& 25% Off

In a former life Dr. David Colbert was a dermatological research consultant for Chanel Skincare, now he’s known as the dermatologist to the stars and the creator of  an amazing skincare line that  delivers plant-based nutrients to the skin in their fully active state, the results are luminous, radiant and healthy skin.

For years Dr. Colbert was the secret of celebrities and hipsters alike. Recently Dr. Colbert was on the Nate Berkus Show where he graciously shared the secrets of aging gracefully and the steps needed to achieve healthy skin.

Dr. Colbert’s Nourishing Eye Cream provides the skin with long-term collagen production, re-hydrates the skin around the delicate eye area and lightens dark circles while reducing puffiness.  The Daily Nutrition Skincare Collection by Dr. Colbert delivers immediate radiance to the skin, fights against inflammation and reverses the signs of premature aging.

The intensify facial discs provide the skin with long-term collagen production, the microdermabrasion and enzyme properties rejuvenate the skin, giving it a glowing combination of health and beauty.

Who said great skin doesn’t come in a jar?

Daily Nutrition for the Skin by Dr. Colbert is a secret that is now available to everyone who desires luminous, radiant and beautiful skin.  Putting your best face forward is easy with Daily Nutrition for Skin, the benefits are long-term and gorgeous!

For a special time we are sharing 25% off the Daily Nutrition for the Skin by Colbert M.D.

Valid through May 29th – enter code MYLIFE at check out @ColbertM.D

Daily Nutrition for the Skin is Citygirl approved!

Photos Courtesy of Colbert M.D.

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