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Cosmetic Chemists List Top 5 Most Overrated Products

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Cosmetic Chemists List Top 5 Most Overrated Products

I’ve always been interested in what science-y types have to say about cosmetics. After all, what do we, the ignorant consumer, have to go on? There’s only so much we can do to tell if a product actually works. Some of it may be blind brand loyalty, mentally willing the product to work, or just assuming it does the job and not thinking any more about it. But Allure magazine interviewed five of the top researchers to get some answers. These are the people who actually make the stuff, you guys.  So they took a break from their lab coats and goggles and stopped using their beakers as shot glasses (that’s what they’re for, right?) to tell us what products are actually full of blarney.

Ni’Kita Wilson, Vice President of research and innovation, Englewood Lab                                                                                                                                                                                                  OVERRATED: Mineral makeup. “It seems strange to me to label some colored cosmetics as ‘mineral’ when really they all contain minerals…many actually have the same mineral content as traditional makeup.”

Jim Hammer, Director of research and development, Pharmasol Corporation, and owner of Mix Solutions
OVERRATED: High-end shampoos. “You’re paying more money for a prestigious brand name when there are often drugstore versions that are very effective.”

Ron Robinson, Founder,
OVERRATED: Oscillating or vibrating mascaras. “The added motion doesn’t make lashes significantly thicker, longer or more defined than conventional mascaras.”

Joseph Cincotta, President and chief formulator, JJC Creative Consulting
OVERRATED: Skin and hair products with exotic plant and marine extracts. “They’re usually not included at effective levels – it’s one drop added to a gallon of synthetic ingredients.”

Nick Morante, owner and formulator, Nick Morante Cosmetic Consultants
OVERRATED: Items labeled ‘all-natural’ or ‘organic.’ “People assume that means they’re gentler or safer. The problem with natural materials is many people might be sensitive or allergic to them. Synthetic counterparts tend not to contain the proteins that natural material does, so fewer people develop a reaction.”

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