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Getting Noticed with Rimmel London

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Getting Noticed with Rimmel London

I’ve been let down so many times with eyeliner that I held no hope for this one, even though I like every other Rimmel London product. Trying new eyeliner, especially on my upper lash line, has been one disappointment after another. There are two reasons for this: 1) my eyelids are teeny-tiny and 2) they fold over.  (I have no idea why my eyelids are like this. I blame the seventies – polyester overload. My eyelids shrunk to protect themselves. I could totally be a scientist.)

Anyway, no matter what, every time I attempt to use eyeliner on my upper lash line, when I blink it causes my tiny eyelid to press the color onto my upper lid like newspaper ink on a Silly Putty. (Could I date myself any more in this article?) It is super frustrating, especially when I’m using black eyeliner.

I even considered permanent eyeliner at one point, where they basically tattoo eyeliner on. (Not basically. It’s an eyelid tattoo. They use needles. Note: I hate needles.). I was actually in the chair to have it done, then changed my mind at the very last second. (Like, I literally ran out of there. If the door hadn’t been so close, there would be a Jessie-shaped hole in the wall to this day, a la Bugs Bunny.)

So obviously it is a big deal that Rimmel London Exaggerate Waterproof Eye Definer actually stays put on my freakishly tiny eyelids and doesn’t budge. This eyeliner is super easy to apply, and is available in fun colors for summer. I tried Purple Shock -and peered in the mirror every hour to see if I had faded purple lines above my eyes. Guess what? I did not.

Success at last! No needles necessary.

Rimmel London is available at drugstores.

Photo courtesy of Rimmel London.

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