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Loving Healthy & Gorgeous Hair – Amika

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Loving Healthy & Gorgeous Hair – Amika

Part of having great hair is using the right products and styling tools. Styling tools are just as important as using quality haircare products.  Did you know that if you use a flat-iron that isn’t %100 ceramic you’re  actually wrecking havoc on your tresses, regardless if you use the right shampoo or conditioner – getting your bi-weekly hair trims and professional color won’t matter if you’re frying your hair.

Loving your hair means using the right tools, and I recently discovered Amika – and I’m in love with their crimson tattoo ceramic styler,  not only is it my favorite color but my hair retains its moisture after I’ve straitened  my gorgeous locks.

Amika creates their styling tools with infrared technology and uses the highest quality ceramic – making this styler gentler then your average flat-iron – plus I’m digging the tattoos, reminds me of a boy I used to know.

The Amika styler delivers silky, soft and healthy hair each time – the same results from a professional salon.

Using Amika stylers protects your locks from cuticle damage and there is no tugging or breaking of your gorgeous tresses.

If you were born with naturally gorgeous curls and spend hours getting your hair silky smooth, and don’t want to cause damage, then Amika is for you.

Amika is Citygirl approved!



33 Powell St

San Francisco, CA 94102

(415) 362-9360 or @Amika









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