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Making the Body Beautiful – with Caudalie’s Spa in a Bag

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Making the Body Beautiful – with Caudalie’s Spa in a Bag

Orange Peel, Cellulite, whatever you call it,  is common among women.  Cellulite formulates when fat cells cross  with the connective tissue – creating the appearance of orange peel.  This can happen to anyone, including women who workout and eat grapes for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

The connective tissue is supposed to behave like spanx – keeping the skin firm and taught.  Hormones change with age and the top layer of our skin starts to resemble over-washed jeans, and not our favorite pair. I had no idea that wearing snug denim, crossing legs or wearing constricting undergarments made cellulite worse – this defeats the purpose of exercise and frequent spa visits.

French women have known for years the power of a great serum, cream or lotion.  Ask a French women her secret in maintaining a svelte figure and she’ll rattle off a list of bodycare products, and the name of her favorite spa.

Recently I’ve been paying more attention to different parts of my body, especially my hips and thighs.  I’ve been applying Caudalie’s Firming Concentrate and I can honestly say that my thighs are less flabby – I haven’t cured the orange peel issue, but I’m happy with my current results because my thighs look better, more womanly.

Tips for Making the Body Beautiful – with Caudalie’s Spa in a Bag.

1. Deflate bloating – drink plenty of Green tea and include fiber into your daily diet.  Drink non-carbonated beverages, and skip the alcohol. Drinking your way to slim is easy with Caudalie’s Draining Organic Tea.

2. Waxing/Shaving – remove excess body hair.

3. Exfoliate – a great body scrub is Caudalie’s Merlot Friction Scrub or their Crushed Cabernet Scrub.  And if you run out-of-body scrubs you can substitute an exfoliating treatment with loofah mitts and your favorite shower gel.

3. Apply Firming Serums/Lotions/Creams – I’m in love with Caudalie’s Firming Concentrate and their Contouring Concentrate – Firming treatments eliminate dimples, and smooth out rough spots.

4. The self-tanner – Once the firming treatments absorb it’s time to apply the self-tanner – this helps camouflage imperfections, and refines the skin.  Caudalie’s Self Tanning Cream gives the skin a soft golden glow that intensifies with use.  Just don’t forget to wash your hands with a creamy white toothpaste afterwards.

5. Hydrate – I love the fact that you can mix a self-tanner with a moisturizer – or allow the self-tanner to work its magic before applying moisturizer – another favorite is Caudalie’s Nourishing Body Lotion – skin is left velvety soft and supple.

6. Mani/Pedi – This should be done once every two weeks,  going in for a mani/pedi right before your winter/summer vacations is recommended.

If you find yourself unable to visit a spa, you can recreate the same experience at home with Caudalie’s Spa in a Bag.

$49 or buy the products individually.

Right now you will receive free shipping on purchases over $50 and an extra %15 at check-out with code: NewSite until August 15th.

Caudalie Spa in a Bag is a beauty must and Ciygirl approved!




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