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New Long-Lasting Drama by Maybelline

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New Long-Lasting Drama by Maybelline

New Lasting Drama Eyestudio by Maybelline recently came out with an amazing gel eye liner, the colors are gorgeous and the adorable packaging hooked me in. New Gel reinvents liner with 5 gorgeous long-wearing lasting color.

The intense color is smudge proof, water proof and stunning.

The colors are:

Blackest Black, Brown, Eggplant, Charcoal and a lovely shade of Green. I was tempted to buy the green, but reality set it and I bought the charcoal, but after testing it I’m going back for Blackest Black.

The color is buildable, allowing for variations of gorgeous, long-wearing color. For us eye allergie sufferers this is perfect for preventing those much dreaded racoon eyes often caused by eye drops, it’s perfect for a summer vacation frolicking in the ocean and the price is amazing for those of us tempted to leave our comfort zone and try the new colors of the season like green and eggplant.

Lasting Drama by Maybelline is Citygirl approved!


33 Powell Street

San Francisco, CA 94108

and other Local Walgreens and Target locations.

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