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Perfect Eye Makeup in 5 Easy Steps

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Perfect Eye Makeup in 5 Easy Steps

How to simplify your eye makeup routine in the morning? Or update a daytime look into an evening thing? Read further for a simple 5 step program to get your eyes ready for all day beauty.

1. After applying your eye cream you’re going to want to apply an eye shadow base – an eye shadow base will provide long-term color without creasing.

2. Apply a light eye shadow over your entire lid – from your eyelashes to eyebrows.

3. Using a liquid eyeliner draw a thin line from the outside to the inside, along the upper edge of your lashes.

4. Applying eye shadow depends on the shape of your eyes -not all eyes are created equal.

.) For big eyes – start at the lower lash line and shade up to the middle

.) Small eyes – shade at the moveable part of your lids, just above the crease.

.) Slightly hooded eyes – shade on the recess in the upper eye area up to the middle

5. Mascara – two to three coats alternating between lengthening and thickening mascara for optimal results.

Updating a basic eye look is easy by adding a highlighter around your eye area – and dusting with a shimmery powder for that touch of sparkle.

Don’t hesitate to ask for help, complimentary makeovers are offered at beauty counters with any two item purchase.  Remember that less is more and if you don’t know what you’re doing keep it simple.


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