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New lumafirm Freeze-Dried At Home Intensifier by Pevonia Botanica

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New lumafirm Freeze-Dried At Home Intensifier by Pevonia Botanica

Falling in love with skincare is easy when you’re actually using products that deliver.  I used to believe that skincare took time to work, that you needed to devote 3 to 4 weeks to a product before results were noticeable.

Not true, there are some skincare products that require more time, but that’s because the damage is extensive and almost beyond repair.  Testing skincare on a regular basis has led me to the fountain of youth, and to the discovery of Pevonia Botanica’s New lumafirm* Freeze-Dried At Home Intensifier.

I wasn’t skeptical before testing the lumafirm, but excited.  I’m always astounded by how much better my skin looks after  testing a new product.  The lumafirm did not disappoint.

lumafirm by Pevonia Botanica is the first of its kind – it is unlike any treatment product out in the market today.  lumafirm is a combination of the latest natural repairing brightening agents that transform dull and uneven skin, the complexion is firmer, tighter and brighter.

Freeze-Dried means that the ingredients begin to work the moment they penetrate the skin in their natural state – the transformation of the skin to a luminous and youthful glow is instant.

The Benefits:

Skin is firmer, tighter

Skin texture is improved

Wrinkles are minimized

Complexion is more even

Skin is smoother, softer, firmer and radiant. The results are a natural facelift the moment the lumafirm penetrates the skin.

It is recommend that lumafirm be used once a week, once a month or every six weeks but not on a daily basis. Once you try lumafirm it’s going to be hard to not want to use it daily, the results are that gratifying.

lumafirm comes in  a package of one and the price point of $20 is worth every penny.  The great news is that once the skin aborbs the lumafirm you can apply your favorite eye cream and moisturizer for intense benefits.

lumafirm* Freeze-Dried At Home Intensifier is Citygirl approved!

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5748 Geary Boulevard

San Francisco, CA 94121 or @ShopPevonia


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