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Reviving Dry & Over-Processed Hair – Lea Journo French Plum Oil

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Reviving Dry & Over-Processed Hair – Lea Journo French Plum Oil
Lea Journo is known as the Parisian Dynamo of Haircare and owns the hippest hair salon in Beverly Hills.  She can  boast of a huge celebrity clientele that includes Brad Pitt, Orlando Bloom, Kate Bosworth and Britney Spears – the list is endless.
All Lea Journo products are formulated with quality ingredients that infuse the hair with shine, health and beauty.
Recently I’ve been using Revive French Plum Oil –  I mixed a few drops of the French Plum Oil  with some of my favorite hair styling products and my results were silky, soft, healthy and beautiful hair.
French Plum Oil is rich in botanicals that  help tame unruly and frizzy hair, while hydrating and restoring over-processed hair back to its natural luster.
Performance ingredients: • 100% Pure French Plum Oil to smooth and condition
• Vitamin E to naturally preserve longevity and efficacy 

What else you should know:
Lea Journo 100% Pure French Plum Oil is a luxurious botanical oil harvested in the south-west of France via cold-pressure of the plum kernel (Prunus domestica).  It is fragrance-free and features a natural Vitamin E preservative system to protect the stability and performance of the beneficial oil.

Once you get your hands on this, you’re never going to want to be without it – a beauty must and cult sensation Lea Journo is for people who want to be glamorous about their hair.
Revive French Plum Oil by Lea Journo is celebrity tested and Citygirl approved!
177 O’Farrell Street
San Francisco, CA  94102

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