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Makeup Tips with Liz Pugh of Rimmel London

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Makeup Tips with Liz Pugh of Rimmel London
Liz Pugh is known in the beauty industry for her unique ability to create the most beautiful, natural and dewy looking skin.  Rising to the top, Liz worked with Pat McGrath, Mary Greenwell and Linda Cantello before joining their ranks.
Liz’s celebrity clientele list includes Rachel Weisz, Kate Moss, Keira Knightly and Victoria Beckham – to name a few.  Her work has been seen all over the world in publications i.e Italian Vogue, Harpers Bazaar, and numerous ad campaigns.
Liz Pugh teamed up with Rimmel London as their International Celebrity Makeup Artist – and most recently is helping women all over the world with makeup tutorials that are inspired by Kate Middleton and the Royal wedding.
I was thrilled when Liz agreed to answer a few beauty questions – and naturally I had to ask her about Red Lipstick.
Anita: As a makeup artist, how do you feel about women and red lipstick?
Liz: I love to see women wearing red lipstick, it’s such a statement. It is best to wear with a near naked eye. A liner and mascara look great, or a sheer wash of colour – very on trend now! It’s a great way to dress up your look and a fantastic pick me up if you are looking tired as it becomes all about your lips and takes the emphasis from your eyes!
Anita: What is the best way to determine which shade of red lipstick is age-appropriate? Or is there such a thing?
Liz: I don’t think there is such a thing as age appropriate. Some older ladies look fabulous in a red lip. I would avoid anything too matte and dry. As we age our lips become thinner and a good way to counteract this is to go for a softer finish. Adding a slight gloss to the lipstick can add volume and shine giving a fuller and more complimentary look to a red lip. A trick I often use is to dab a little red lipstick on with my finger then apply some balm over the top. It gives a gorgeous hint of colour and the softness is flattering to everyone at any age.
Anita: What is a true red?
Liz: A true red is just that, a pure pillar-box red, rather than an orange or fuchsia tint or any textured finish, in so far as shimmer or shine. A Pillar-Box Red is a London bus red – it is a pure bright red with blue undertones rather than orange. A true red will have a very slight undertone of blue
Anita: What is a classic red?
Liz: Most “classic” reds tend to be matte in finish and have a blue under tone. It is that old Hollywood glamour red.
Anita: How does a woman tell red lipsticks apart? I am often confused between a burgundy or orange, and pink-based red lipstick. Is there a color wheel?
Liz: The way to tell red lipstick apart is to look at the undertone – it can be a very subtle colour difference in the underlying tone of your lipstick.
The clearest way, if you are really confused, is to test them on a piece of white paper. You will get a true representation of the colour and it is not being thrown by your skin tone. Once you asses the underlying tone of the lipstick, try each of them on your skin to see which is the most flattering colour for your skin tone. Another good way to tell red lipsticks apart would be to try each on the inside of your wrist, where there is the least pigment. This is also the most obvious place to see your own undertone.
Always remember that with the natural colour of your lips it may darken the lipstick upon application.

Blue undertones tend to be colder and orange tend to be warmer. Rather than thinking of a colour wheel system, work with the idea of cool and warm. This will give you an idea of what suits you best. For example:

  • Cool: blues, burgundies, some pinks and purples
  • Warm: oranges, browns

Anita: What beauty tricks can you share with the average working woman who only has 5 minutes in the morning to devote to makeup?

Liz: A little concealer, groomed brows, mascara, blush and gloss can all be applied super speedy and give you a really groomed look. Add a little highlight to the inner corner of the eye to open them up and you are good to go.

Red lips don’t have to be a chore, use your red lipstick sparingly and sweep a light amount of the colour across lips, using your finger to blot and press it into lips for a diffused red tint which is soft with no hard edges. It takes a few seconds but gives you a pop of colour and polished look which is easy to maintain through the day.

Anita: What are Rimmel London’s famous reds?

Liz: One of my favorites is Rimmel London Moisture Renew Lip Colour in Red Alert, a true London-bus red that suits everyone.

Anita: What is your signature style when approaching makeup?

Liz: I always use makeup to enhance a woman’s natural beauty, its not about a mask. I love skin to look fresh and beautiful.Anita: If a woman was looking to change-up her makeup pallet, what Rimmel London product would you recommend?

Liz: I love the versatility that the Glam’Eyes Quad Eye Shadows gives. There are four shades in each palette that you can use alone or play with. Some of the shades are really bold and fun to experiment with.

Or why not try a lipstick shade you wouldn’t usually wear, apply lightly and add some gloss or balm over the top. Then as you get used to the new shade leave off the balm and gloss and apply fully to the lip. Some great shades to try this with are Lasting Finish Intense Wear Lipstick in Jet Set Red, In Vogue and Temptation, or Moisture Renew Lip Colour in Red Alert or Mauve Pink. I love pairing these with the new Moisture Renew Lipgloss.

Anita: Any advice for women or teens who are wearing makeup for the first time?

Liz: Don’t put too much on. I see so many girls with heavy foundation, in the wrong shade, applied over perfect skin – it drives me mad!! If you have good skin, just apply concealer where you need it, or mix your foundation with a little moisturizer, it will make it much sheerer. If you can’t get the colour exactly right go for Rimmel’s Match Perfection Foundation as it adjusts to your skin color. Don’t try to paint a mask on our face; enhance what you have. Emphasize one feature, whether its eyes or lips, not both, and don’t be afraid of colour. A colour on the eye always looks great. Experiment, if you don’t like it wash it off! Have fun!

Anita: Thank you Liz! We learned a lot and I am looking forward to Rimmel London’s tutorials on Kate Middleton and the Royal Wedding.

Celebrate The Royal Wedding with Rimmel London – visit Rimmel London’s Facebook Fan Page!

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