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Skincare 411 – Dr. Vic Narurkar

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Skincare 411 – Dr. Vic Narurkar

Dr. Vic Narurkar’s name is associated with the top names in dermatology.  He has over 100 publications that brought skincare  out of the dark ages.  Dr. Narurkar was the first to investigate the Fraxel Restore Laser, the Isolaz Laser for Acne, and the Starlux Photo Rejuvenation Laser hair reduction with diode.  His résumé is impressive and endless.

Dr. Narurkar simultaneously runs his own private practice and serves as the assistant clinical professor at UC Davis. I was nervous requesting an interview with Dr. Narurkar, and was thrilled when the arrangements were made for the following day. Dr. Narurkar was gracious during our conversation and immediately put me at ease.

We discussed his professional view of age appropriate skincare and how to effectively correct skin issues. He also agreed with the fact that most women focus too much on makeup and not enough on skincare.

Anita: I’m going to start by saying that this is an honor and I’ll try and move these questions right along.

Dr. Narurkar: It’s my pleasure; it’s not a problem at all.

Anita: From your professional opinion, what is Prevention, Maintenance and Correction?

Dr. Narurkar: Prevention is primarily directed at extrinsic signs of aging which is due to sun exposure, smoking and environmental factors.  Thus a broad spectrum sunscreen is an example of prevention.  Maintenance is maintaining a procedure.  Dry skin is also environmental so a great moisturizer is key.  Correction is treatment of both extrinsic and intrinsic issues.  Therefore products such as the NEOCUTIS BIO-CREAM can address both intrinsic and extrinsic factors.

Anita: What is your philosophy on age appropriate skincare?

Dr. Narurkar: Regardless of age everyone needs sunscreen, each age group has different skincare needs. For example a woman in her mid 30’s is dealing with sun damage and acne, an older woman is dealing with lackluster skin and requires hydration.
A combination of appropriate skincare is needed for each individual. Age appropriate skincare refers to the fact that there are certain factors which are predominant in certain age groups. Young women have a combination of acne and early signs of photo damage whereas older patients have more issues with skin barrier protection and advanced photoaging.
Anita:  How old should a person be before considering the use of fillers or plastic surgery?
Dr. Narurkar: I hate to use the word Plastic surgery; however the trend in skincare currently is that most people are opting out of plastic surgery. And sometimes there is no substitution for Plastic Surgery, especially when the jaw line and eye lids need a lift.
Dermal fillers are used when the mid face starts to drop and you notice the hollowing of the face and marionette lines. Youthful skin doesn’t mean it’s pulled tight. Fillers can correct a genetic feature, example a person born with a naturally thin lip. Youthful skin is considered clear, clean and even toned.

Anita: What determines which products are dispensed in your office?
Dr. Narurkar: The products dispensed at my office have to have scientific proof that they deliver clinical results. I don’t advocate glorified products without scientific clinical results.
Anita: What are your personal favorite products and why?
Dr. Narurkar: I love prescription Retin A micro – it’s my go to retinoid. It’s a 2-in-1 because it helps clear up acne and its age defying. I am also a fan of NEOCUTIS skincare products, especially the PSP restoration creams because they are easy on the skin.

Blanche is my favorite bleaching cream and Perle because it contains their patent pending MelaPlex, the scientifically advanced skin brightening complex which helps fade the appearance of uneven pigmentation, helps hinder future spots and restores skin’s luminosity. To clear up hyperpigmentation skin you would start with Blanche and maintain with Perle, since it is hydroquinone free and therefore safe to use in your daily regimen.
Anita: What are the biggest mistakes a person makes with regards to skincare?
Dr. Narurkar: One of the biggest mistakes is that my patients bring in bag-fulls of skincare products that they don’t need, or know how to use. Most of the time they are buying skincare because it’s glorified by a salesperson who knows nothing about skincare. Like in life, less is more and that applies to skincare. Also some patients over use skincare and develop allergic

Anita: Last minute pearls of wisdom?

Dr. Narurkar: Do your research whether it’s for a procedure or product, seek professional experienced guidance. Your skin, face is too important – they are the first impressions you present to your peers, friends and family.
Correct the issues and then maintain them – there is no miracle cream that performs overnight. Another example, I had a patient that came in requesting botox, yet she suffered from hyperpigmentation and other skin issues. I advised her to correct the main issues first so that she may receive the full benefits of the botox.
Anita: Thank you Dr. Narurkar! I’ve enjoyed our conversation and I’m a huge fan of your advice sections in New Beauty Magazine! I’m hoping to make an appointment with you soon!

Dr. Vic Narurkar
2100 Webster Street Suite 505
San Francisco, CA 94115

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