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Statement Jewelry – Yurdan

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Statement Jewelry – Yurdan

Throughout history people have worn symbolic jewelry, often recommended by their local shaman or healer.

These special stones were for healing, feelings of empowerment, energy or love.  Traditions say that wearing specific stones in different sizes or colors help attract or detract positive or negative energy.

Today I wear an evil eye around my neck and a skull on my key ring, these pieces of jewelry help keep bad/negative energy away.  I recently discovered Yurdan, an Artisan Online Store that carries the most amazing jewelry, imported from Turkey.

It’s no  secret that I’ve been dying to visit the Hagia Sophia, but now I’m dying to visit the bazaars of Turkey and Morocco – I’m truly a Bohemian at heart.  I am drawn to ethnic clothing, especially jewelry mentioned in folklore legends.

I am including a  few of my favorite pieces and remember my birthday is right around the corner.

These are great statement necklaces, paired with a cardigan, t-shirt, jeans and ballet flats – don’t forget the Red Lipstick. 

There are bracelets, rings and home furnishings too – if any of my friends read this and happen to visit Turkey, pretty please remember me when you’re visiting the bazaars.  For More information:

I want to thank Erin Gates from TheElementsof StyleBlog – for  always leading me astray.

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