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Your Thanksgiving makeup routine: Yes, it’s a thing.

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Your Thanksgiving makeup routine: Yes, it’s a thing.

Maybe you went out Thanksgiving Eve. Maybe you spent all night slaving over various casseroles and desserts. For whatever reason, you’re not exactly looking your best come Thanksgiving Day. And everyone has one of those relatives who comments on anything negative about your appearance, right? Shut them up with this Thanksgiving morning routine:

  1. First, de-puff and revitalize. A cheap-but brutal-way to wake up your face? Ice cold water, baby. Whether you’re a dunker or a splasher, this will get the blood moving and your cheeks rosy. If it’s a serious case, lay down for about 10 minutes with cold tea bags over your eyes. The cold, plus the caffeine, will deflate those lovely puffy eyes. To seal the deal?  Olay Regenerist Anti Aging Eye Roller. This product is amazing. Period.
  2. Moisturize. Lack of sleep dries out your skin. Even better: moisturizer with bronzer or sunless tanner. Your face will have a nice glow instead of looking pallid and sickly (ahem-hungover).
  3. I recommend you then use an under-foundation makeup primer so your foundation goes on smoothly and won’t cake. Having said that…
  4. Foundation. Whether it’s liquid or powder (I personally use liquid), brush or rub over your whole face evenly. Make sure it’s the right shade. You don’t want to end up with weird ghost-face or look like an Oompah Loompah. Do you?
  5. Concealer. This magic little tube will cover all evidence of your late night. Dab with a light hand, or it will get cakey. If you have dark circles, only put concealer on the corner where it’s the darkest. If you do a half-moon under your eyes, you’ll only draw attention to the area.
  6. Blush. Late nights tend to suck the color out of your cheeks. Use just enough to look naturally flushed, not like you’re (still?) drunk.
  7. Eye makeup. It depends on my mood on how much eye makeup I use. Go with what you’re feeling that day, but I always, ALWAYS use mascara. Without it I look like I’m still asleep. A peachy color brightens anyone’s complexion, so stick with warmer tones if you do use eye shadow.
  8. Chapstick, Vaseline, lip gloss: Anything that will moisturize your lips is good. Not only does lack of sleep dry your skin, it dries your lips. Carry colored lip gloss in your pocket for a quick touch up. This will keep your lips looking bright and shiny instead of…you know, corpse-like.

Unless you want to scare your relatives. In that case, disregard this list and go nuts.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

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