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The Evil Eye Collection – Judith Ripka

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The Evil Eye Collection – Judith Ripka

I’ve always been fascinated with myths,  folkloric tales and traditions.  The Evil Eye is just one of many amulets I carry on my person,  besides a skull on a key ring and a red or gold wallet in my handbag.

The Evil Eye is a protective talisman that wards off evil and negative energy.  The Evil Eye is a custom folkloric myth that began in the Middle East –  absorbing negativity before it can reach the recipient.

It is of belief that people whether intentional or not can bestow a malevolent gaze upon a person who was graced with good fortune – and good fortune could be anything from healthy beautiful skin to spiritual well-being.

Another folkloric, theological or anthropological view of the Evil Eye is that people believed certain people could actually cause another injury or harm with one glance.

The Evil Eye is not an amulet that was meant to be hidden, but worn out in the open warding off all negativity.  Over time the Evil Eye became worn as jewelry, besides the traditional wall hanging on doors and windows.

Judith Ripka designed a beautiful Evil Eye Collection, available in both gold and silver.  There are rings, earrings, cufflinks and charms – I’m looking forward to my next piece of jewelry, I want an Evil Eye Bracelet, and lucky for me my birthday’s right around the corner.

Judith Ripka Evil Eye Bracelet $625 and Necklace $525

*Sterling Silver, Black Sapphires, White Sapphires, and Blue Sapphires

Neiman Marcus

150 Stockton Street

San Francisco, CA 94108 or @JudithRipka


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