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The Skin on Oxygen – Dermacyte

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The Skin on Oxygen – Dermacyte

There are 15 years of scientific research involved in creating Dermacyte – an Oxygen Concentrate and Oxygenating Eye Complex. Oxygen is vital to the appearance of healthy skin, besides the oxygen we breath, oxygen is necessary in order for the skin to produce collagen, elastin and correct the signs of premature aging.

Doctors for years have used oxygen to help heals wounds that would have otherwise not healed.  Oxygen is available in various forms from creams, sprays to oxygen inhalation.  Lack of oxygen contributes to dehydration, and the skin becomes less productive during the renewal process.

Dermacyte Oxygen Concentrate is the only oxygen product that infuses the skin with high doses of oxygen, without harmful or harsh side effects.

I love how it absorbs easily into my skin,  I saw and felt a difference immediately, this is another great regimen that helps maintain my recent Pelleve treatment.  My skin is smooth and wrinkle free.

Dermacyte Oxygenating Eye Complex hydrates, refreshes and restores the delicate eye area, leaving your eyes rested and with a natural lifted appearance.

Personally, I love being carded at my age, so much so that I’m starting to admit my true age.

Dermacyte Oxygen Concentrate and Oxeygenating Complex are Citygirl essentials for healthier, younger looking skin.


For the best oxygen facial in the city:

The Dawn Patrice Skincare Studio

870 Market Street, Suite 1190

San Francisco, CA 94102


For Dermacyte @Dermacyte








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