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Renewing & Repairing The Skin with Love Life Skin

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Renewing & Repairing The Skin with Love Life Skin

Love Life Skin was created for patients who suffered from chemotherapy and radiation treatments – skin during treatments became dehydrated and damaged.

Love Life Skin addresses inflammation and moisture loss – infused with 31 natural botanicals and antioxidants known as Recovery Elixir 31.

Love Life Skin is a combination of cutting edge technology and a revolutionary system that repairs and renews the skin.

Clinically tested, Love Life Skin improves the skin in as little as 3 days:

Skin becomes brighter, retains moisture, is soothed, hydrated and protected against free radicals.

I tend to leave on facial masks for longer then I should,  drying out my skin in the process, especially after applying specific treatments too many nights in a row.  My skin was dry and had a few flaky patches.  I applied the Love Life Skin Eye Treatment, Serum, Night Cream and woke up with beautiful radiant skin.  My skin was brighter, and more luminous after my first application.

Revitalizing Eye Cream $95 – Diminishes the appearance of dark circles and hydrates the delicate eye are.

Intensive Recovery Serum $150 – Infused with the highest concentration of Recovery Elixir 31, heals extremely dry skin and reduces the signs of premature aging.

Restorative Moisturizer $125 – Relieves skin of dryness and irritations while it restores and revives the skin.

Skin becomes refined, toned and tiny laugh lines and wrinkles are minimized – a perfect skincare regimen for people who suffer from rosacea and ezcema or someone who desires more youthful looking skin.

*Giving back:
Originally inspired by skincare issues experienced by
cancer-patients, Love Life Skin will donate a portion of the sales
from its products to women’s cancer research. learn more

Love Life Skin is Citygirl approved!



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