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The Summer Hair Staple: Goody Spin Pin

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The Summer Hair Staple: Goody Spin Pin

Thanks to the hot, sticky weather that comes with summer, wearing my long hair down is never an option. I generally toss it secure my locks into a bun when the temperature start to soar, so when I saw that Goody came out with a new tool call the Spin Pin ($7, available in brown and blonde, Target) to help create my favorite summer hairstyle, I couldn’t resist trying it out.

At first I will admit that I was a little skeptical. When I pulled the corkscrew-esque tool from the package I was a little confused as to how it was actually going to ‘do the work of 20 bobby pins’ as promised, and was pretty sure that the gadget would end up tangled in my hair as soon as I tried to use it. After a few trials, I got the hang of it and quickly fell in love. All you have to do it gather your hair into a low or high ponytail, coil your hair into a bun, and then insert the Spin Pin and twist it into the bun like a corkscrew.

What is great about this little pin is that it will keep your hair secured into a bun for hours, without giving you a headache like wearing an elastic or a handful of bobby pins would. My favorite part it that it doesn’t leave a crease in your hair like elastic bands to once you want to take your hair down. Plus this little tool is small enough to stash in your tiniest purse so you’ll have it on hand whenever you need to get your hair out of your face.

Try this pin the next time you are caught in a heat wave while out and about, while at the beach to keep your hair out of your face and tangle-free, or kick it up a notch and twist your hair into a fancy chignon with this tool for a party. Although it takes a little bit of patience to get the technique right, once you do, it will quickly become your favorite summer hair tool as well.

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