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Beauty Talk with Tina Turnbow

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Beauty Talk with Tina Turnbow

Celebrity makeup artist Tina Turnbow  is one of the first makeup artists of her generation to advocate Eco-Friendly Beauty.

Tina’s philosophy is that no two faces are alike, that all features are unique and beautiful – therefore makeup should enhance and illuminate and not detract from individual beauty.

This philosophy is what makes Tina a sought after talent in the beauty industry – with a loyal following of  ever-expanding  celebrities *who have come to depend on her loyalty, honesty, and remarkable talent, including Claire Danes, Mary Louise Parker, Jessica Szohr, Ivanka Trump, Amanda Peet,  and Joan Allen among many others*.

Tina continues to collaborate with a range of publications and photographers including Gilles Bensimon, Arthur Elgort and Raymond Meire to name a few.  Having worked with the legendary Pat McGrath, Jeanine Lobell and Lucia Pieroni, Tina developed her own style that celebrates the beauty in all women.  Because of Tina’s interest in the environment and women’s health, she supports Eco-Friendly beauty products.

I was excited when Tina agreed to share her Eco-Friendly beauty tips and as usual I had to ask her about Red Lipstick.

Anita: What is Eco-Friendly makeup and why is it important?

Tina: Eco-friendly makeup means it is a product that is friendly to the environment or eco-system and to your health.

Anita: Why do you support Eco-Friendly products, is there a personal story behind it?

Tina: I support Eco-friendly beauty products because millions of beauty products are sold a day, so why not help contribute to more of them being good for you and the earth? I am also a supporter of products being non-toxic, better that something absorbed by your body on a daily basis be all-natural. I come from a family, where my mom, her mom and sister all died at a fairly young age, from cancer. Naturally I am concerned with looking after my health, or at least what I can control.

Anita: Besides your Eco-Friendly collaboration with Tarte, are there other makeup lines you recommend?

Tina: Yes, there are some excellent lines evolving as of late. I really like Josie Maran cosmetics, Korres, Physicians Formula Organics, Cargo, Mineral Fusion, HoneyBee Gardens and ZuZu cosmetics.

Anita: The question everyone is dying to know, which celebrities have sat in your chair?

Tina: Well I’ve had the pleasure of working with some amazing ladies. Mary Louise Parker, Susan Sarandon, Vera Farmiga, Joan Allen, Keri Russell and Mariska Hargitay. (The list is endless!)

Anita: Are there any natural beauty remedies you have personally tested that work?

Tina: Natural beauty remedies, yes, yogurt makes a great mask, chilled tea bags for the under eye area, olive oil and avocado for hair conditioner, chilled aloe vera to calm skin, egg white mask for firming.

Anita: As a makeup artist how do you feel about women wearing Red Lipstick?

Tina: I’m all for a woman wearing red lipstick…its a must try!

Anita: What makeup advice can you give a woman who only has 5 minutes in the morning to devote to makeup?

Tina: 5 minute makeup…tinted moisturizer, concealer, blush, lip gloss and curl lashes. Shouldn’t take more than 5, maybe 7 minutes.

Anita: Are there any Eco-Friendly collaborations we can look forward to?

Tina: The only Eco-friendly collaboration I can mention now, is my next beauty column, I did with Josie Maran.

Anita: Any last-minute pearls of wisdom?

Tina: Support Eco-friendly products when you can, try some out if you haven’t. You can make a difference with the choices you make with everything.

Anita: Thank you Tina! I look forward to reading about your next beauty columns – and upcoming Eco-friendly collaborations!


33 Powell Street

San Francisco, CA 94102

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