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To Bang or Not to Bang – The Diary of a Bang Job

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To Bang or Not to Bang – The Diary of a Bang Job

I’ve been contemplating a new hairstyle for years, toying with the idea of getting bangs.  I’ve asked every hairstylist I’ve met if it were possible for me to wear bangs – everyone said no.  I have a cowlick and I’ve parted my hair on the right side of my head for years.

I found myself at a book signing event where the hairstylist’s were giving complementary consultations, and finally met a hairstylist that said Yes to my bang question.  I mulled it over for a few weeks and finally when I was in desperate need of a haircut made my appointment.

I was nervous, excited and completely trusted my hairstylist because she seemed to know what she was doing.  I failed to do the required research and although she did ask me a few questions, they were not enough.

After my hair appointment I was just not loving my hair, I had my bangs trimmed on the longer side because I was afraid they would be too short.  The solution was to cut into them myself, which improved them but did not leave me satisfied.

Finally after two weeks, I scheduled a bang trim.  Three in-a-half weeks into my new bangs I’ve only liked my hair on two occasions, not a good sign.

The time came for me to meet with my colorist, Victor at The Color Design SalonYosh for Hair.  I walked in and everyone loved my bangs, except that my hair was cut for someone with naturally straight hair. Carmen and her team at The Color Design Salon immediately told me what the issue was.

I have fine, thin and wavy hair that needed to be cut a certain way, and that regardless of the styling products I used, that the perspiration or fog would curl my bangs leaving them in one big hot mess.  I couldn’t believe she understood me! She felt my pain and offered a treatment that would solve my bang issue.

The treatment is the Opti-smooth by Matrix.  There are two types, the Cold-Smooth treatment for smoother, frizz free hair and the Hot Treatment for drop-dead straight hair.  Since my hair isn’t curly, we used the Cold-Smooth treatment on my bangs.

The process took approximately an hour, and the results were gorgeous and healthy bangs!  The issue I had was that I’m a frequent hair washer, I am compelled to wash my hair on a daily basis, and having used the Opti-Smooth I was forbidden to wash my hair for 48 hours.

My findings?

I can have great hair the next day without washing it and that I can live without washing my hair for48 hours.  This is a big step for me.  Since the Opti-Smooth treatment, I spend less time playing with my bangs and use less styling products to achieve my desired results.

The moral of this story is to do research before jumping into cosmetic procedures that have long-term effects on your hair, skin and overall well-being.  Always schedule a consultation a week before your hair appointment, determine your hair type, bring pictures and ask your stylist what they are going to do to help you achieve the hair of your dreams.

Opti-Smooth by Matrix is Citygirl approved!

For more Opti-Smooth by Matrix information:

The Color Design Salon- Yosh For Hair

55 Grant Avenue, 6th Floor

San Francisco, CA 94108

415-984-1926 ask for Victor or Carmen

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