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Beauty Know-How: Wearing Bright Eyeshadow

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Beauty Know-How: Wearing Bright Eyeshadow

Bright eyeshadows are everywhere… from the runways to fashion magazines.  It’s one of spring’s hottest new trends!

Although it’s my job to search out trends and have a little fun playing with them, every new trend is not going to translate well on me. The way I feel about makeup trends is similiar to Laura Hutton’s opinion about fashion trends:

“Fashion is what you’re offered four times a year, style is what you pick out of that fashion.”

Maybe we can’t wear crazy greens like the photo pictured, but we can utilize tricks of the trade to wear it with confidence and still look like ourselves.

We’ll show you how.  (And if you can rock this look…Props!).

Tips for Wearing Bright Eye Shadows:

1. Know what colors are flattering on you. Consider your complexion, eye color and hair color.  I love green, but it tends to make my olive skin look sallow.  Purple and blues makes green and brown eyes stand out and teal is universally flattering*.

2. Choose a matte shadow. Shimmer just screams, too much!

3. Camoflauge undereye darkness with a good concealer only where you need it. Bold shadows will draw attention to undereye circles, and we don’t want that!

4. Use primer on your eyelids. It’s just a must to give the shadow staying power and prevent creasing.

5. Keep the rests of your makeup look neutral and natural looking. With one exception: Extra mascara will accentuate your eyes. Add rose, peach or apricot blush to add subtle color to your cheekbones, a swipe of natural looking highlighter where needed and nude, peach or light pink lipstain or gloss to lips.

6. Apply the “Shadow brightest near the lashes” and diffuse upwards towards the brows, according to Gucci Westman, makeup pro.  Choose one color to keep it simple or if you want a more subtle look, apply shadow to your crease, and then apply a beige shadow to your browbone.

7. Buy some inexpensive drugstore eyeshadow or visit a department store makeup counter to test-drive some bright eyeshadows if you are on the fence. L’oreal HIP has vibrant duo eyeshadow kits with great pigmentation and NYX has an inexpensive quintuplet kit of brights called “I’m dreaming of St. Lucia”. MAC Cosmetics always has fun, vibrant shades and if money is no object, Givenchy’s Acid Summer 2011 line, yet to be launched, has a swoon-worthy kit with some rockin’ electric shades that I’m lusting after.

***And remember when yesterday I thought I couldn’t pull off yellow? Apparently, like teal, yellow is flattering on everyone if you find the right hue.   Thanks, L’oreal HIP in Striking, you made my day!

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