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What We Should Already Know About Makeup – the basics

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What We Should Already Know About Makeup – the basics

Applying makeup can be challenging, especially if we don’t have older sisters or mothers who wear it.  There is a lot to makeup besides less is more – and if you haven’t taken any makeup tutorials or paid a visit to your favorite cosmetic counter  you’re going to find what I have to say informative and useful.

The Basics:

Play up your most important feature, enhance it with the right cosmetic – example if you have small lids/eyes take a lesson in applying eyeliner, eyeshadow and mascara.

Choosing an eyeliner that doesn’t move – stick to gel eyeliners and learn how to use them.  Nothing more embarrassing than eye makeup that moves.

If you’re into the natural no-makeup-makeup-look opt for browns – they are softer and blend better with all skin tones.

Blend – blend, blend and blend, nothing worse than a colors by numbers pallet.

Find out which shade of Red Lipstick works for you – True Red, Orange Red etc.. depending on the shade your teeth will look whiter.

You should always have three shades of blush in your makeup wardrobe – a peach, pink and a bronzer.  If you know what you’re doing you can apply all three at once or individually depending on your mood and occasion.

Seek the help of a professional when tweezing – waxing or threading.

Wear Sunblock at all times – SPF 40 if possible.

Take care of your skin, hair and teeth – nothing worse than premature aging and bad skin.

Hope these tips help!

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