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The Non-Surgical Eye Lift – Lumiere

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The Non-Surgical Eye Lift – Lumiere

I started using eye cream when I was fifteen years old. I came from the school of thought that eye creams were all the same, that as long as I was using one I would be fine.

Not true. Lately I’ve been worried about my eyes, they appeared smaller and I noticed wrinkles for the first time in my life.  I tried eyelash curlers and mascara but to no avail my eyes still didn’t look like I remembered.

I read about LUMIERE and gave it a trial run.  I was patient and after three weeks I finally started to see the eyes I remembered.  I look like I had a mini eye lift.  I can only imagine what my eyes are going to look like in three more weeks.

LUMIERE is a BIO-restorative eye cream with PSP* – it’s an Anti-aging eye cream that helps Energize, Revitalize and Rejuvenate the delicate eye area.

key ingredients:

1) PSP* and hyaluronic acid – helps firm and hydrate

the delicate eye area under and around the eyes, smooths fine lines and wrinkles, and reduces the appearance of under eye darkness.

2) Caffeine– helps alleviate skin puffiness, helps sooth and refresh the delicate eye area to help minimize the signs of fatigue.

I learned that surgical procedures are unnecessary if you use age appropriate skin care, and have the patience to allow the product to work its magic.

There will be some skin care products where the results will be immediate and there will be others like LUMIERE that require 3-6 weeks.  Remember that results vary depending on each individual person.

This is one City Girl who isn’t getting a Surgical Eye Lift.

LUMIERE is Citygirl approved!


2100 Webster Street Suite 505
San Francisco, CA 94115
415-923-3377 or @Neocutis

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