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Makeup Tips for New Year’s Eve: Smoky Eyes

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Makeup Tips for New Year’s Eve: Smoky Eyes

New Year’s Eve is tomorrow, people! Do you know what you’re doing?

With your face, that is.

If the thought of painstakingly applying makeup is keeping you from going out, read on: I can get you ready and out the door in five minutes.

Ready? Repeat after me: Smoky eyes!

The little black dress of makeup, smoky eyes can dress up your face in about two minutes. The key to quick smoky eyes is a chubby eye-shadow pencil.  Try one in a shimmery plum instead of the usual black or brown. It is New Year’s Eve, after all.

  1. Cover lids with shadow base. This will hold color without creasing.
  2. Draw a plum liner along lash lines. Smudge under lower lashes as well.
  3. Trace inner rims of eyes with waterproof black liner, then apply black mascara.
  4. Keep rest of makeup soft so eyes will be focal point.

How easy was that? Now get out there and have fun, you crazy kids.

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