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A Miracle Skin Transformer Just For Men!

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A Miracle Skin Transformer Just For Men!

A few weeks ago I heard from a former colleague of mine and he was telling me about this great moisturizer he is using, Miracle Skin Transformer Men SPF 20. Knowing that I am always on the lookout for a great moisturizer with sun protection, he sent me a tube to try for myself.

The moisturizer comes out of the tube thick and dense,  however this is misleading. You will be pleasantly surprised how easily it absorbs into the skin. It leaves the skin smooth, matte, natural,  and not greasy, shiny or heavy feeling.

It is designed to improve your skin’s texture and pore size. It also minimizes signs of aging and reduces redness and imperfections. The Miracle Skin Transformer Men SPF 20 is formulated to HydrateEnhance and Protect your skin. For me it did each of these things.

Miracle Skin Transformer Men SPF 20 combines skin smoothing mattifiers with complex skincare. The first-ever, naturally derived silicone skin treatment with powerful protection and hydration benefits designed for men’s skin.

Containing the breakthrough MST Complex, a proprietary combination of Saw Palmetto and Passion Fruit extracts and Vitamins A, K and Co-Enzyme Q10 for hydration; naturally derived silicone for a smooth, matte finish, and Eco-Cert certified Ecophysalis (exclusive to MST COMPLEX), Vitamins E and SPF 20/UVA/UVB for protection. They also make a tinted moisturizer version for both men and women. The Miracle Skin Transformer SPF 20 tinted moisturizer comes in 7 shades. From Translucent to Deep Dark, check them out too.

*Miracle Skin Transformer Men SPF 20 is Dermatologically tested; Free of petrochemicals, synthetic fragrances, parabens, dyes, wax, mineral oils, and talcs; 100% natural active ingredients; Not tested on animals; Made in the US.


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