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Achieving a Luxury Shave – Caswell-Massey 1752

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Achieving a Luxury Shave – Caswell-Massey 1752

The Caswell-Massey 1752shaving products for men are some of the finest quality luxury shaving products I have ever used. For the past 5 or more years I have mostly used L’Occitane’s Cade organic shave oil, but the Caswell-Massey products have been added to my shaving arsenal.

Caswell-Massey History: Before there was the United States of America, there was Caswell-Massey, the original purveyor of the finest personal care products and America’s oldest operating retailer.

The company was founded in Newport, Rhode Island by Scottish-born Dr. William Hunter in 1752. Ownership of Dr. Hunter’s Apothecary, as it was originally known, transferred through apprenticeship for the majority its history, with each retiring pharmacist handing over the keys and expertise to his apprentice. The company took its present name in 1876 when then-owner John Rose Caswell became partners with New York businessman William Massey. The firm was acquired in 2007 by The Equitium Group, which remains dedicated to preserving the company’s proud heritage.

The 3 products fromCaswell-Massey that I have tried are the Original Shave CreamPre-Shave Oil andAfter Shave Balm. All in the Sandalwood fragrance.

The Original Shave Cream is a rich and lathery shave cream. It left my skin feeling soft, smooth and it felt moisturized after my shave. I was amazed at how close of a shave I got. It has ingredients like coconut oil and vitamin E.

The Pre-Shave Oil is moisturizing and has a blend of natural oils, like Olive,Castor & Sweet Almond. It is a lightweight formula that helps achieve a close shave and protect against razor burn and ingrown hairs.

The After Shave Balm is very calming to the skin. It to is lightweight and absorbs easily leaving your skin very moisturized. It has a blend of natural oils, minerals and extracts such as; Shea Butter,Sea KelpChamomile &Grapeseed among others. My skin feels good and looks great after my shaving routine with Caswell-Massey.

TIP: The Pre-Shave applied before you apply the Shave Cream helps get that great close shave. However you can use the Pre-Shave Oil alone and still get a great shave. This makes it especially convenient for travel.

                                                                                                       Michael ~ The Beauty Prince

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