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Dazzle Dry Vegan Nail Polish

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Dazzle Dry Vegan Nail Polish

As an avid nail polish wearer, I am always looking for new polishes to try out.  The latest brand that has caught my eye is VBCosmetics Dazzle Dry Nail Lacquer.  The line features fast-drying, high-shine polishes in an array of colors that all promise to strengthen your nails while keeping your manicure looking perfect for weeks.  OK, I know that you are thinking—what makes this nail polish line different from every other polish out there?  Well you see, that is the best part!  Unlike traditional nail lacquers, this nail polish contains no nitrocellulose, toluene, phthalate or formaldehyde! Dazzle Dry polishes also contain UV protection, which helps extend the life of your nails and keep them from yellowing from the sun.

The products I tried were the Dazzle Dry Advanced Vegan Nail System ($28, which includes Nail Prep,  Base Coat and Top Coat, as well as a few of the new polishes from the spring line Awakenings (shown in the picture above).

I started out as the directions instructed me to by preparing my nails with the Nail Prep.  I soaked a cotton ball with the solution and swiped it across each nail to remove any oils that nail polish remover, soap or lotion can often leave behind.  I followed that with the Base Coat, which helps to ensure that the nail polish has a surface it can adhere to.  I then selected one of the newest colors, Dawning Desire, and applied 2 coats.  The color is a super sparkly, light violet hue that is great for spring.  It is subtle, pretty and wearable.  I finished off my manicure with a coat of the quick drying Top Coat.  It dried so quickly I was honestly shocked.  My nails were completely dry in less than 5 minutes!  If you are anything like me and can’t seem to sit still after you paint your nails, which always ends up with ugly smudges, this is the product to try.

Each color from the Awakenings collection is a soft pastel infused with subtle sparkles.  The look ends up being frosted and pretty, which I think is perfect for spring and especially Easter.  Morning Sky (I used this on my toes) is a gorgeous powder blue with flecks of silver in it, Rose Bud is a simple pale pink with a hint of silver sparkle, and Pea Pod is a fun light green hue.   Each polish is $9.


  • Fast drying
  • Great colors for springtime
  • No chemicals
  • Vegan Formula
  • UV protection
  • Works on both acrylic and real nails
  • Fortified with Vitamin B5, calcium and collagen to strengthen nails


The only 2 complaints that I have are that the products were incredibly strong smelling.  I suggest making sure you are in a well ventilated area when using them.  Also, the polish is said to last for 3-4 weeks, which it did not.  However, I am a waitress and worked 2 double shifts while wearing the polish so they were set up to chip.  I would guess that with regular wear the polish would last as long as most other nail polishes, which is about a week.

Check out more products by VBCosmetics, such as their lemongrass polish remover, cuticle oils and shea butter hand cream.  All products, including the nail system and polishes can be purchased at

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