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Bust Firming Balm “Your Highness” by VOTRE VU

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Bust Firming Balm “Your Highness” by VOTRE VU

I’ve always admired French women, they learned early the magic of lotions, potions and serums.  One potion in particular is the use of  bust firming treatments that help retain the natural shape of your Décolletage –

Like our face, hands and neck the cleavage area is one of the first areas on our body’s that show the signs of age.

Preventive measures are essential, especially during pregnancy or protecting our skin from the damaging rays of the sun.  Pregnancy and the natural aging process often cause slackening of the breast tissue, while the damaging rays of the sun cause premature wrinkles.  Breasts begin to lose their shape and we lose the contours of the natural bra, which is the skin that stretches between the neck, bust and shoulders.

Votre Vu’s Your Highness bust firming balm is an uplifting formula that is rich in plant extracts that re-texurizes and reinforces the bust lines natural support – creating an invisible bra.

The balm absorbed easily into my skin, and I could feel the cream mold itself to the natural contours of my shape, enhancing my  Décolletage , I love the feeling of the natural lifting effect and how much firmer my skin feels.


*Use twice daily, especially after a bath or shower for greater penetration. Apply Your Highness Bust Firming Balm with light circular motions around the bust, up to the base of the neck, and onto the shoulders and inner arms until completely absorbed. Also apply along the back, following the lines of your bra strap.

I admit, I didn’t read the directions and have only been using it in the mornings after my shower, and my results are  a firmer Décolletage that is supported by an invisible bra,  I can only imagine how much more to attention the girls are going to be once I start applying Your Highness before bed.

Investing in a quality bust cream, lotion, serum or balm is a beauty essential for every woman, and Your Highness from Votre Vu is a beauty must and is Citygirl approved!


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