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New Acne Fix – Spot Fix by NIP+FAB

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New Acne Fix – Spot Fix by NIP+FAB

Clearing up acne for an adult is just as devastating as it is for a teenager.  Nobody wants it, yet most of us get it.  How to clear it up quickly while preventing another breakout? New Spot Fix by NIP+FAB that’s how.

NIP+FAB is a new skincare and bodycare range that has taken the UK by storm, causing stampedes and long waiting lists of people dying to get their hands on the magical bottles that deliver radiant and beautiful skin, just look at the celebrity following that has turned anything Maria Hatzistefanis does into a beauty cult sensation.

NIP+FAB was created to fill a void in the beauty industry, now everyone desiring healthy skin can have it at a fraction of the cost.

Spot Fix is a fast acting acne gel that targets and prevents acne, clearing up skin almost immediately.

Key Ingredients:

  • salicylic acid deep cleans pores
  • vital et® targets blemishes
  • eucalyptus + tea tree purifies

Skin is also protected againts irritation, inflammation and redness associated with swelling.  Skin is brighter, clearer and you can use Spot Fix under or over makeup, talking about double duty beauty!

This is one beauty essential that I’m carrying around with me, you never know when a tiny breakout may appear mid-afternoon.   Because let’s face it, no matter how often you use the right skincare a breakout can always erupt during day.

Spot Fix along with the complete skincare and bodycare range will be available at selected Target locations nationwide starting on October 23rd – or you can get your NIP+FAB fix @NIP+FAB

I love waking up with clear skin, isn’t it time you did too?

Spot Fix by NIP+FAB is a Citygirl must!


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