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Red Carpet Facial – in a Jar by Colbert M.D.

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Red Carpet Facial – in a Jar by Colbert M.D.

Having the opportunity to learn about Dr. Colbert’s Skincare collection: Daily Nutrition for skin,  I recently started testing the intensify facial discs, my results were a more youthful and luminous appearance, my skin was  clearer and brighter.

The intensify facial discs provide the skin with long-term collagen production, the microdermabrasion and enzyme properties rejuvenate the skin, giving it a glowing combination of health and beauty.  Who said great skin doesn’t come in a jar?

I met Dr. Colbert and  was impressed with his charm and knowledge – I was thrilled when he mentioned how great my skin looked!  Ladies, I am in love with the intensify facial discs, they are a beauty insiders secret weapon to Red Carpet Skin – you will glow and radiate health from within, I promise you!

The Daily Nutrition Skincare Collection by Dr. Colbert delivers immediate radiance to the skin, fights against inflammation and reverses the signs of premature aging.

Plus it prepares your skin for the Red Carpet of life, putting your best face forward is easy with Daily Nutrition for Skin, the benefits are long-term and gorgeous!

The plant-based nutrients are delivered to the skin in their fully active state to the skin´s cellular level – the results are luminous, healthy and radiant skin.

Intensify Facial Discs by Colbert M.D. is Citygirl approved!


Barneys New York

77 O’Farrell Street

San Francisco, CA 94108

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