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Beauty 101: Shelf Life of Cosmetics Part 2

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Last week we covered the surprising expiration dates of cosmetics. Today I want to continue on that theme and share some additional tips to help you make the most of your makeup’s shelf life:

  1. Wash your brushes weekly.  Weekly?  Oy…guilty.
  2. Those applicator sponges you might be using?  Toss those weekly.
  3. Don’t dip your fingers into your makeup.  Instead use the applicator provided or use a clean sponge.
  4. Sharpen  pencils every few days to make them not only last longer, but they’ll also work better!
  5. Twist the wand in your mascara tube vs. pumping it, to prevent the mascara from drying out.
  6. Keep containers and tubes closed all the way and store products away from sunlight, heat and humidity, such as an adjacent bedroom.
  7. Don’t share makeup with anyone.
  8. If you have an eye infection, go sans makeup until it clears up.
  9. The nose knows…if it smells bad toss it.
  10. Likewise if the makeup changes color, texture, consistency or if the ingredients settle or separate.

And does refrigerating makeup help to keep your makeup fresh? While I think it may feel nice and cool on your face, I haven’t seen any solid evidence in favor.  In fact, some products might dry out such as lipstick.  Refrigerating eyeliner  in the fridge will make it easier to sharpen, but not guarantee a longer shelf life.

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