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Relaxing Couples Massage at the Papillon Day Spa

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Relaxing Couples Massage at the Papillon Day Spa

Recently my husband booked a Couples Massage at the Papillon Day Spa for my birthday. Papillon Day Spa is located inside the Hilton near Polaris Fashion Place in Columbus, Ohio.

We had stayed overnight so all we had to do was throw on some comfy clothes and go down to the first floor. This was my first-ever massage – hard to believe I know, and me the advanced age of 35! So I was going in fresh and had no idea what to expect.

We filled out some paperwork, much like you would do at the doctor’s office. While we did that, they brought us a couple mimosas. Nice. We were off to good start! I felt relaxed already.

They brought us back after only waiting a few minutes and instructed us to disrobe and lay under the towels. They told me to lay on my back, and my husband to lay face-down. The room was dark and lit only with candles and some music was playing softly in the background. My husband and I whispered to each other like two kids in church.

My masseuse’s name was Tonya and gave me some quiet instructions while the other masseuse, Tai, did the same with my husband. She said most people fell asleep during their massage, and that this was perfectly normal and okay. I was glad she had said that because I was unsure of the protocol. Should I chat? Be folksy? Was it okay to talk to my husband? It was weird to be in a room with him and not talk. But the room was too dark to be conducive to folksiness. On the other hand, lying on my back staring at the ceiling like a corpse didn’t sound appealing either. But I didn’t want to seem rude if I closed my eyes. (These are the things that worry me, folks. I never claimed to be sane. I discovered later that my husband was thinking the exact same thing. We’re like one mind.)

So for those who have never had a massage (unless I’m like, the last person in the world whose never had a massage) here is how it goes down:

She started with my hands worked up my arms, then did my feet and legs. She used some sort of oil but it wasn’t greasy at all, just made the rubbing motions feel silky. She ended with my neck and scalp and then softly instructed me to lay face-down. (In talking to my husband later, I found out she massaged his chest and he was disappointed to learn I did not receive the same treatment. Men.)

She then massaged the back of my feet, legs and back then once again ended with my neck and scalp, whispered that she was done and that I could rest as long as I wanted. A few minutes later, I heard Tai tell my husband the same and we rested quietly together.

While I thoroughly enjoyed the massage, I must admit that having one so soon after waking up made me restless after a bit. I think I would have appreciated it more if it was after a long day of working or being on my feet. My husband, on the other hand, now has a taste of the good life and decided that he wants one “at least” three or four times a week.

It was a very good experience, and Tonya and Tai made us both feel very comfortable and relaxed.

Which I’m pretty sure is the whole point of a massage, right? If not, I did it all wrong.

Papillon Day Spa
8710 Lyra Drive
Columbus, OH 43240


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