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The Top 5 Grooming Products for Men

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The Top 5 Grooming Products for Men

I have been working in the skincare industry for many years. During those years I have come across many skincare products. I have used products that are formulated for specific gender and those geared for both. Today I would like to share with you my Top 5 Favorite products for men to use and why they are my favorites. A few of the products are just for men the others are unisex, but are used and loved by men. The below are listed in no particular order.

 Miracle Skin Transformer Men SPF20  

Is one of the first-ever, naturally derived silicone skin treatments with powerful protection and hydration benefits designed for men’s skin. It is formulated to Hydrate, Enhance and Protect your skin.

I first used this moisturizer this summer when I visited Florida. From that moment on it became my Favorite men’s moisturizer to recommend. The fact that I could use this moisturizer in a very humid climate and it did not feel heavy or greasy on my skin was huge bonus for me. The moisturizer comes out of the tube white and it appears to be thick, but this is misleading. You will be pleasantly surprised how easily it absorbs into your skin. It leaves your skin feeling smooth and as I said it won’t feel greasy, heavy or shiny. Along with moisturizing and having SPF20 it is designed to improve your skin’s texture and pore size while minimizing signs of aging and reducing redness and imperfections.

Philosophy Purity Made Simple  cleanser has been a Favorite of mine for many years. This cleanser is not specifically for men, but I have found that men do love this cleanser.

It does not produce a lot of foaming suds but it really does remove the dirt and grime. Your face is left clean but not dry and tight, in fact it’s left hydrated. I especially like to use it in the shower before I shave. For those of you that don’t like fragrance, it is fragrance-free. If you do prefer more foam, they do make a foam version of this cleanser.

Caswell-Massey 1752 Men Shave Cream is America’s oldest operating retailer. The company was founded in Newport, Rhode Island in 1752. It was originally known as Dr. Hunter’s Apothecary. In 1876 the name changed  when then-owner John Rose Caswell became partners with New York businessman William Massey.

The Caswell-Massey 1752 shaving products for men are some of the finest quality luxury shaving products I have ever used. The Original Shave Cream is a rich and lathery shave cream that has become a new Favorite of mine. After I shave my skin is left feeling soft, smooth and moisturized. I was amazed at how close of a shave I got. It has soothing, hydrating ingredients like coconut oil and vitamin E. I use this in combination with the Cade shave oil from L’Occitane.

L’Occitane CADE Shaving Oil  is one of the best shaving oils out there and has been a Favorite of mine for several years.

The CADE Shaving Oil will soften the facial hairs so that your razor will go through like a hot knife through butter. It will also help reduce irritation and redness. I also found that when I use this oil my razor blades seem to last longer. You can apply it before a shave cream or you may use it alone. I mostly use it alone. It is enriched with organic CADE essential oil and organic vegetable oils. It also contains Borage, Evening Primrose and Rosemary oils. The product smells great. It is both masculine and invigorating.

The kaplanMD Cell Renewing Microfoliant became a Favorite scrub of mine a couple of years ago. This is also a product not specifically for men, but I have found men like it just as much as women.

It gently exfoliates while clarifies and nourishes your skin. If you have oiler skin, it can be used 3 times a week. If you have normal skin you should use at least once or twice a week.

It has natural ingredients like Jojoba beads and micronized fine Date Seed Powder to get a physical exfoliation that is gentle and mild. It also has Pineapple and Papaya Enzymes that dissolve the dead skin cells and helps keep pores clean. Your skin is left feeling smooth and I swear that I  get a closer shave when I use this before shaving. This is the perfect scrub for me to use in the shower before a shave.

I hope some or all of these favorite products of The Beauty Prince become favorites for you or that special man in your life.  And I hope they find their way into The Medicine Cabinet.

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