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Treating Your Skin to a New Beginning – Anew by Avon

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Treating Your Skin to a New Beginning – Anew by Avon

Growing up I knew ladies that knocked door to door selling Avon, and the memories of FireFox come to mind.  I’m not the only one that grew up, Avon did to and they’ve caught up with the cosmetic industry by developing skincare with the use of modern technology and superior ingredients.

I admit, I agreed to test Anew Genics as a favor, and was somewhat hesitant.  You may ask hesitant why? The answer is because I never considered Avon as a source for skincare, at least for me.

New Anew Genics is a skincare breakthrough, 10 years in the making and clinically tested to reverse the signs of age, and dark spots associated with sun damage and hyperpigmentation.

Key Ingredient: YouthGen Technology

YouthGen is short for Youth Gene, the gene in our DNA that helps keep the body healthy and encourages cell renewal.

Avon is the first to use patented YouthGen Technology and the results will amaze you.

Results of clinical studies:

Overnight – Skin looks younger and radiant.

After 3 days – Skin is visibly smoother

After 4 weeks – Dark spots and hyperpigmenation scars are reduced by 100%

With continued use skin is more youthful looking, turning back the clock by years.

I tested Anew Genics  and overnight my skin became smoother, firmer and my dark spots were reduced. I was pleasantly surprised.

Anew Genics is an affordable and quality night treatment that will reverse the signs of premature age and damage caused by neglect in as little as 4 weeks.

Results will vary depending on your individual skincare needs.

This is the perfect night treatment to help prevent and maintain your skin after a laser genesis or microdermabrasion.

New Anew Genics is Citygirl approved!

$38 @Avon




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