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The Stock List – My Beauty Stash For Beauty Culture

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The Stock List – My Beauty Stash For Beauty Culture

I’m a beauty junkie, the type that scours every European Magazine in search of beauty cult items, and jot them down in the notes section of my iphone – because I never know when I might walk by an unexpected beauty shop.  I have very few regrets, one of them is not having visited every pharmacy in Paris or Rome when given the opportunity.

During my beauty musings I come across beauty items I’ve never heard of and with the help of online shopping I’m able to bring back a little beauty culture into my everyday beauty routine.  Reading and helps, these are my favorite beauty blogs because they not only provide good content, but amazing pictures of beauty products – they are a source for inspiration and affirmation that I am on track with my content.

I always want to know what cosmetics women are using, as much as what people are reading, two of my vices Literature and Beauty.

Recently I discovered a little shop in New York that sells hard to find beauty staples from across the globe, my heart skipped a beat as I made my online purchase –

My Beauty Stash –

Elgydium Toothpaste from France – Voted one of the best whitening toothpastes from people in the know, formulated with Micro-Pulverized Sodium Bicarbonate for a pearly white grin. $9

Aqua de Colonia Concentrada – Fragrance from Spain, since I wasn’t sure of the scent I ordered them in perfumed towlettes.  On my next purchase I plan on ordering the showergel. $8

Maria Evoria – Spanish Sea Salt Soap from Spain, the scent is intoxicating, clean and fresh.  The black soap is so pretty that I want to keep it as a decoration, but I know I’ll end up using it. $8.50

INNOXA Couttes Bleues – Moisturizing eyedrops from France, moisturizing and free of chemicals.  I’ve been using it a lot since I was diagnosed with severe dry eye. $18

Moodmatcher Lipsticks – A Gift that arrived in the mail.  I first heard about them thru the Weekend Section of the Wall Street Journal, I heard they were a favorite of Linda Rodin and I had to have them.  I wonder what angry looks like? $3

The Paris of Fashion Insiders – I found this little gem surfing and had to order it.  The perfect Parisian Guide to finding out where the locals go for beauty, food and fun. $8.99


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