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The Medicine Cabinet – DETAILED The Complete Man’s Guide To Personal Grooming by Richard Maloof

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The Medicine Cabinet – DETAILED The Complete Man’s Guide To Personal Grooming by Richard Maloof
Many men remain clueless about what to wear or how to groom properly.  Who didn’t laugh during the makeover scene between Ryan Gosling and Steve Carrell in Crazy Stupid Love? I know I  did, it was about time someone uttered those words out loud.
Stylist Richard Maloof recently penned a witty and easy-to-read guide on male grooming.  Read further to find out if you should be wearing white socks, what shampoo you should include in your rotation, if you should embrace growing bald or grey and most importantly what should be shaved, trimmed or waxed.
CG: Thank you Richard, we appreciate your time and are happy to have you here.
RM: The pleasure is all mine, really.
CG: The best haircut for a man who is losing his hair or has a receding hairline?
RM: Balding hair looks better cut very tight.  Growing it long in the back (the mullet) to pull emphasis away from your balding top or, God forbid, the comb-over, is not acceptable. Cut it tight, it looks cleaner and more attractive.  Men who embrace their baldness or receding hairlines can be very sexy. If you get the right cut and style it, it can be hot. The “I am just going to shave my head and grow a goatee” look is just giving up!
CG: whose haircut do you most admire either dead or alive?
RM: David Beckham, I think he is always setting new trends in men’s hairstyles.  He has great hair, so that helps, but having the courage to do it while being in the public eye is admirable.
CG: Haircare products you recommend and why?
RM: I think every man should have a bottle of anti-DHT shampoo in their shower.  I have been using Nioxin since I was 16 and I think it has played a big role in maintaining a healthy scalp resulting in hair growth. For styling I always recommend a hair paste.  Nothing kills a great hair cut like hairspray or hair gel.  Hair paste usually provides a really good hold with a matte shine allowing you to restyle mid-afternoon if you are heading out for the evening.
CG: Waxing, Trimming or Shaving? (What should be waxed, trimmed or shaved?)
RM: HAHA! This is a great question because grooming, especially facial grooming, is a huge part of every man’s appearance.  My book DETAILED, emphasizes waxing, trimming and shaving options that most men don’t even think about but it’s the little details that can turn an average appearance into something great.  I personally do all three, but understand that not every man will.
What I do:
·         Waxing: Back, Nostrils
·         Trimming: My 5 o’clock scruff,  Sideburns
·         Shaving:  Chest,  Arms,  Legs,  Arm Pitts and the back of my Neck.
I walk all of my readers step by step in my book, DETAILED, on how to do all of this.
CG: White Socks & Black Shoes?
RM: I can honestly say that I do not own 1 pair of white socks.  I cannot dream of a scenario that would call for this, except if I were playing at Wimbledon.  Everyman needs to own several pairs of black socks that will be utilized in different dressing situations.  Dress socks are thin, Casual (with jeans) are usually a little thicker and Workout socks should be the thickest.  Black Shoes are a must have, 90% of all my shoes are black and are in my opinion the  coolest way to go,  of course keep some option of color available for different occasions, especially shoes that you wear sockless.
CG: The worst thing a man can do with his appearance?
RM:I think having color is great but an over tanned guy or over sprayed orange guy is just not a good look. My motto is always “make it look like your not trying” My other pet peeve, Guy’s trying to wear the latest trends thinking it will make them cool when they don’t have the body or swag to pull it off.  Seriously, if you are over 30 rocking skinny jeans I want to slap you!
CG:  Men and Fragrance?
RM: I have been wearing cologne since seventh grade, but there is an art to it. Make sure that the cologne actually fits with your natural body oil and your not just buying brand. I know guy’s who make two mistakes; 1) They buy cologne brands to impress women when they ask “what kind of cologne is that?”  ummm … Gucci! 2) They do not know when to say when! You do not need to spray a whole bottle to have the same affect; in fact you are defeating the purpose.
CG: What is considered a stylish first-date wardrobe?(Dark Denim, untucked dress shirt, black blazer and nice shoes) Is quality important?
RM: I hate that look! Dark denim, untucked dress shirt, black blazer and nice shoes, is the most cliché first date outfit ever. It makes men look like they walked into Nordstrom’s and ordered the number 1# Have your own style because you will own it and it will translate into confidence and that is sexy.  Quality is relative,  I have had cheap expensive things and amazing cheap things, but quality is important. I do not want people to mix the two theories, that expensive equals quality.
CG:  At what age should a man get a skincare regimen?
RM: I started my skin care regime when I hit puberty. It’s never too early but it can be too late. You will see results at any age when you start a skin car plan with quality preventative and corrective products. You will be able to prevent signs of aging more effectively the sooner you start, so why wait. Men, if you are over 25 go grab a good facial cleanser, moisturizer, eye cream and a 30+ SPF!  Kiehl’s is a good safe brand to start with immediately, and by now you should have a basic idea of what your skin type is. You can make a difference today and as you get more familiar with the quality of brands you can adjust to fit your needs.

CG: (For the ladies) What do you notice first about a woman’s appearance?

RM: Women are beautiful in a variety of unique ways, but the things that always seem to grab my attention are, hair, lips and feet. There is something so attractive about how a woman can change her appearance by styling her hair a certain way. If she wants to look sexy or conservative it all starts with her hair. Then the lips, I mean plump NATURAL lips, not The Finding Nemo injected fake fish lips. A woman with beautiful lips can invoke the imagination of what they must feel like, but I digress. My final, self-admitted weakness is a beautiful foot in a high-heeled shoe. WOW, high heels are so sexy and women who know how to wear them drive me crazy. Ok, maybe to much info!

CG: Salt ‘N’ Pepper or Hair Dye?

RM: OMG! I am Salt ‘N’ Pepper all the way. Men, listen when I tell you that I get so many compliments on my hair color. I have been asked if I color it this way … ummm what? Let it go and own it. Hair dye is the worst and I advise against it. I have been in a friend’s salon in Hollywood and watched men dye their chest hair, so awkward! It looks fake, and when you color your eyebrows or beard you look like a stalker.
CG: What is considered basic grooming? The essentials in male grooming.
RM: Basic men’s grooming should consist of a good shampoo and conditioner, hair paste, body moisturizer, face wash, face moisturizer. That would be a nice and simple routine. These are the essentials for all men and you can step it to another level with an anti-DHT shampoo, toner, exfoliating scrub, eye cream, SPF, hair dryer … I could go on and on.
CG: Thank you Richard! We learned a lot!

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